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Environmental Hazards Of That Old Junk Car You Have In Your Yard

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Cars will last a long time if they are cared for properly, but eventually they will no longer work. If you have an old car in your driveway or yard that you have not used in months or years, do you realize that it may be a hazard to the environment? If you are concerned at all about the environment, you may want to consider selling this junk ca to a place like City Auto Wreckers to prevent further damage to the environment. Here are a few ways junk cars can negatively impact the environment.

Fluids Can Leak Out

There is a reason why it is illegal to pour gasoline, oil, and other types of automotive liquids on the ground, and the reason is because these types of fluids can contaminate the soil and water supply. If you have automotive fluids to get rid of, you can place them in containers and bring them to a facility that offers recycling services. Because these liquids can lead to contamination, leaving a junk car in your yard is highly risky. Any of the fluids in a junk car might leak out onto the ground, and you may not even realize this is happening.

Oil and gasoline are petroleum-based products. While petroleum is a natural product found in the earth, it is not safe when it is spilled onto the ground. Petroleum contains nitrogen, sulfur, and other hazardous chemicals that are not good for the soil and water. When old cars have fluids leaking out of them, it can contaminate the earth with these types of chemicals. If too much spills on the earth, it can lead to health problems with those living in the area. These chemicals can also harm animals and crops growing in the area.

Tires Can Lead To Contamination

You may also not realize the effects the old tires on your junk car may have on the environment. One risk of leaving old tires around your yard is that they can attracts pests, such as mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and other pests look for places to live, and old tires are great for this purpose.

Another problem with tires is that they can lead to the release of toxins as they break down. This is one of the main reasons they are not accepted by garbage companies. When tires are in landfills, they can lead to contamination of the ground and soil. Tires can be recycled, though, and this is much better for the environment than leaving them setting around your yard.

New Materials Must Be Made For New Cars

When you sell a junk car, the parts can be removed and recycled. They can then be used to create new auto parts for cars. When this happens, it eliminates the need for manufacturers to use natural resources to make auto parts, which is helpful for conserving natural resources. In addition, companies create less pollution when recycling old parts into new ones than they do when they have to take natural resources and create brand-new parts with them.

A company that purchases junk cars will usually buy cars in any condition, and this includes cars that no longer run. When they purchase these cars, they will take them apart completely, and they will recycle everything they can when they do this. The rest of the items might be thrown away, sold, or disposed of in other ways. If you would like to prevent your old car from contaminating the ground and water in your area, and if you want to make some fast cash, call a company that pays cash for junk cars and make arrangements to sell the car to them.